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Oil mist filtration system
Oil mist filtration system
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Oil mist filtration syste

AF oil mist machine series are environmentally products. It can filter out oil mist, water mist and other pollutants completely generating by mechanical equipment in the working to make the workshop environment best 

Product modelAF850AF1200AF1800
Maximum air volume(m3/h)85012001800
static pressure(Pa)150200250
Electrical parameterspower0.2kW0.3kW0.8kW
Voltage220V 50Hz
Filter element(L*W*H)mm480*340*300480*340*400480*340*500
Front buffer plateAluminum Alloy screen frame filters
Pre filter

6 layers of aluminum alloy wire mesh / sealed package / double side band net

Electrostatic partPlate spacing7mm7mm7mm
Filtration area0.096m20.129m20.296m2
Ionization device        (Ionization filament)diameter(mm)Φ0.25Φ0.25Φ0.25
High voltage(KV)12/612/612/6
Collection device3.0m24.0m210m2
back filterAluminum Alloy screen frame filters / activated carbon filter

Note: 1, according to the demand for optional configuration of activated carbon filter

2, the product is modular design, according to the needs of customers to a certain degree of customization

Filtering method

Electrostatic filter (applicable to oil mist and smoke purification filter)

Mechanical filter (suitable for water purification and filtration)