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We have been concentrated on the filtration industry in the recent 18 years.  

Since its foundation in the year of 1998,the company begins to commit to the filtration industry and has gradually manufactured the complete filtration products.The series products of high efficiency and environmental conservation are the great contribution of the company to the filtration industry.  

A professional enterprise committed to the filtration separation industry and integrated with design,manufacture and sales 

Weize Filter Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional enterprise committed to the filtration separation industry and integrated with design,manufacture and sales.The company covers a land of nearly 35,000 with strong productivity!

The company covers a land of nearly 35,000 with the standard steel structure factory building is about 25,000,suitable for the manufacture of all kinds of large filter systems.

Quality policy: the pass rate of the product is 99%. Customer satisfaction rate 100%

Our production widely implemented standards of ISO quality system, strictly in accordance with the relevant standards to perform raw material procurement, production, testing, and various links, we always put the quality of products and services as the foundation of the enterprise, the user needs as a driving force for the development of enterprises, the customer satisfaction as the goal of the enterprise. From the design, production, testing and other aspects of a senior engineer strictly. Through scientific and standardized management, so that the product is more cost-effective. Strict quality control system to ensure that every product, every detail will be high quality, safe and reliable.

Our quality through the records of management procedures to implement product manufacturing process control: file management procedures, material management procedures, material identification procedure, rules for the inspection, head forming rules and tube cold rolling rules, hydrostatic test rules, inconsistent quality management rules, welding material management rules and weld marking rules, welding defect repair procedures, post weld heat treatment of management rules, measuring instruments management rules.

Through establishing the product process card "to carry on the management to the process, applicable to the making process of the main parts of the product," process card "is the main content: product name, part name, part drawing number, part number, process, technical requirements, test and the operator's signature, test results to to process control as a means to strengthen the disciplinary process, enhanced the quality awareness of employees," source of quality in every process, from my hands, "the concept of set.