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Leader's Speech

Time flies and years rush. Since the establishment of Jiangsu Weize Filter Co., Ltd. in 1998, with the continuous efforts of all the staff of Weize, today Weize has developed into a company dedicated to mechanical processing, purification and filtration industry, integrating product development , Manufacturing and sales of professional companies. Through the changes in different market forms, Weize has continuously grown, transformed, developed, and grown. All Weize  have always kept their faith, kept pace with the times and worked hard. We focus on the four core business areas of grinding processing purification, cutting filtration purification, sewage treatment purification and four-axis peripheral CNC grinding machines. We always focus on customer needs, use industrial Internet + big data technology, continue to carry out technological innovation, and continue to increase research and development Investment, accumulation and development, is committed to providing customers with environmental protection solutions and operation and maintenance services.


Innovation, responsibility, service! Since the establishment of the company, we have used this concept as a guide to guide the development direction of Weize, and guide every employee to deeply understand! Through continuous research, we can understand the development of the industry better, combining the characteristics of the industry and user needs, and clarify the direction of innovation!

We are well aware that the industry needs change and innovation! Traditional does not mean backward, but only innovation will not lag behind! This is our responsibility and our mission!

To provide the industry with products that are environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and effective is our commitment to the industry, and it is the basis of our service to the industry!

Weize is a big family, a big platform, and a big cause. As long as you dare to struggle and run well, everyone has equal opportunities to realize and achieve yourself.  How to describe the future Weize dream depends on the joint efforts of the dream Weize people. Although the peaks are steep, we must climb. Dreamcatcher, our Weize !